Training of Indigenous Missionaries and Church Planters

We fully believe that a discipled community of believers is the end result of the Great Commission being truly fulfilled in a given geographical area. IET, therefore, is committed to planting pioneer churches among the unreached and then raising up called, indigenous leaders to lead.

Indigenous missionaries are better equipped to communicate the gospel in culturally appropriate ways and in the local language, as they are from the areas where they minister. It is also strategic and healthy for any movement to be ultimately led by indigenous ministers. So, IET focuses on training pastors and missionaries with proven character and leadership potential. Also indigenous leaders do not have to climb over the many social and cultural barriers that are faced by international missionaries. They are able to live at the level of the people they serve. It is truly amazing to see the Gospel being preached to those who have never heard it before, and see it become relevant to them because it is being preached from one of their own.


IET’s main Bible College, called South East Asia Leadership Training and Development Center (SALTDC) is accredited by ATA (Asia Theological Association). SALTDC provides higher leadership in-residence courses and ministry training to those with potential to become national leaders. These trained church planters are equipped to lead one or multiple church planting movements.

SALTDC also provides continuing advanced leadership training to active field missionaries, allowing them to continue to remain in the field.

Bible Training Institutes

IET also has Bible schools spread in different parts of South East Asia. An experienced church planting leader lives on the same campus with the trainees. This close mentorship is critical in the formation of the students.

Each regional Bible school trains future church planters from that region in its unique regional language and within their cultural context.

The students participate in the local church ministry every evening, learn evangelism by doing it every weekend, are instructed from the Word of God by experienced teachers during day, and are trained in church planting and ministry during required ministry internship with an experienced missionary. A close focus is also placed on developing their character and spiritual disciplines in addition to ministry skills.

New believers who show a call of God for church planting and prove it within the ministry of their pioneer local church are carefully watched by their pastor; interviewed by the IET leaders and then selected to be trained as future church planters and pastors among their own linguistic and people groups.

At the end of their two year intensive training period, they are ready to be ambassadors of the Gospel message. 100% of our graduates are sent to places where there is no church.