Sponsor a Child

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it take to sponsor a child?

The basic sponsorship is Rs.1000/- per month for a Children’s Home child. The basic sponsorship covers lodging, food and basic tuition for the child. A higher level of support will take care of the entire education, clothing, school uniforms, health care, etc. A child can be fully sponsored for as little as Rs.2000/-

Can I help to educate the child of an IET missionary?

Yes, you can! Some missionaries, for the sake of the Gospel, put their children in the Children’s Home in order to ensure they get a decent education. And some missionary families simply cannot afford to feed and clothe their children. Costs are the same as above.

There are of course children who do stay with their parents on the field, but the family need extra help to provide an education for their child. Costs for this are, for one month – Rs.500/-

What benefits will the child receive through my support?

The child will receive basic physical needs, including lodging, food and basic tuition. Full sponsorship will meet the rest of their needs, including clothing, health care, etc. In addition to the educational and physical needs, IET meets the spiritual needs of the children in our Children’s Home. Daily Bible studies and daily chapel gives each child a chance to know that Jesus loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Our children’s homes are staffed with people who encourage children to see that they have individual worth that is not based on poverty level, caste, or family history. Perhaps, the most important benefit to a sponsored child is the encouragement in knowing that a sponsor is praying for them specifically.

Does IET help only Christians?

No. IET takes care of children from all backgrounds without regard to race, religion, caste, or family history and believes that each child must choose for themselves their faith in Christ.

We do operate our facilities according to biblical moral standards and are committed to give each child the chance to hear the Gospel.

What kind of schools do the children attend?

Most of the children attend local government (public) schools. The children are also guided in their studies by their care-giver at the children’s home.

May I write to the child?

You may write to your child as often as you wish. However, please be aware that because our translation resources are limited, you may not receive a response to each letter. If you wish to write, address the letter to the child and send the hard copy to our headquarters in India.

Will I have the same child to sponsor?

Yes, as long as the child stays in our children’s home or sponsorship program.

What if I can no longer send support or the child leaves the program?

We understand that circumstances changes, both with the children and sponsors. If you wish to discontinue your support, the child’s care will continue as we actively seek another child sponsor. Occasionally, a child’s family becomes financially able or the extended family desires to have the child back, thus removing the child from the program. In such cases, we will extend an invitation to continue sponsorship by introducing to you another child.

What if I have questions about my sponsorship or my child?

Please contact us through e-mail or letter with your specific question, and we will respond to your letters. It is our desire to make your sponsorship experience meaningful and easy.

May I send packages of monetary gifts to the sponsored child?

Delivery and customs are unreliable in India. Letters and packages are often opened and theft is common. In some cases, duty taxes exceed the worth of the gift. Therefore, this is discouraged. Also, while extra gift or money for a specific child is welcome, it can cause jealousy among the other children. For this reason IET pools special occasion gift moneys received (Christmas gifts, for example) and distributes it among all the children in the children’s home.

How do I make payments?

If you request a child to sponsor, we will send you a kit with a profile of the child. You may send your monthly, semi-annual, or annual sponsorship to the address printed in the welcome kit mailed to you.

How can I be sure that funds I send are spent on the child?

We are accountable to God first. IET has since its birth maintained highest financial integrity, knowing that we are stewards of God’s money first. In addition, Indian law strictly stipulates that funds received by charitable societies (non-profit organizations) must be spent on the purpose for which they are designated, so 100% of the money you send for a child is spent on that child. An independent auditing firms that is registered with the Indian Government audits Indian Evangelical Team annually. Certificates of compliance are issued by this firm. An internal auditing team of IET leaders conducts regular audits, as well.

What do I do to start sponsoring a child?

E-mail us and we will send you a form to be filled.