Ministry Tools

If God lays it on your heart, we would welcome you to consider providing for some of the following tools. The missionaries of Indian Evangelical Team require basic tools to go to the unreached, communicate the Gospel in culturally intelligent terms, and to disciple those who decide to follow Jesus Christ. Some of these tools, like the Bible, have to be replenished every month as new believers join the churches. Some, like the bicycles, will last seven years of rough use—although we need hundreds of such tools every year to replace the dying ones or to equip the new trained graduates being sent to new fields every year. These tools range from gospel literature to jeeps.

More than 90% of the people in South East Asia have no access to a Bible or a New Testament. A chance to read the Bible on their own is a gift that every native missionary wants to give the people they minister among. You can supply tools for this gift to a missionary for the believers he disciples.

New Testament Rs. 18 each
BibleRs. 120 each
Gospel Packet (containing Bibles,
Christian literature and
audio/video CDs of songs,
Christian movies and spiritual
Rs. 6,500 each

Indian Evangelical Team conducts village evangelistic festivals each year. It costs between Rs 3-5 thousands to conduct one festival.

Mini-festival Rs. 5,000 for conducting 3-day festival
where 200 to 300 people attend
Large FestivalRs. 30,000 for conducting 3-day festival
where 2,000 to 3,000 people attend
EQUIPMENT required for events such as these:
Most of Indian Evangelical Team’s film projectors have served their time. We need several data projectors for screening the Jesus Film.
Data Projector Rs. 75,000 each
DVD Player Rs. 4,000 each
Public Address System (mike set)Rs. 30,000 each

Many villages have no electricity. Those who have electrification often get it for only a few hours each day, and that too at extremely low voltage. A generator is necessary equipment, particularly when there is no ‘man of peace’ to let us borrow or buy electricity from their supply.

A generator allows the team to show the film on the first evening. Then the team will preach the gospel message on subsequent evenings and teach those who show greater interest during the day. One generator you purchase will allow tens of thousands to hear the Gospel meaningfully every year. Imagine the continuing impact on this earth and in eternity.

Diesel Genset (Generator) Rs. 40,000 each

IET missionaries walk for hours, each day, visiting from one village to another. A bicycle enables a missionary to cover many more villages each day, and allows him the joy of returning to his family every evening. Dhri, an IET missionary, once remarked, “On foot I covered 2-3 villages each day. Once I got a new cycle I was able to go to 9-10 new villages, some of them 50 kilometers away. And I can return home each day now.”

A heavy-duty Indian-made bicycle can be a wonderful blessing!

Bicycle Rs. 3,500 each

A motorcycle or motorized bike is a critical tool that enables area leaders to visit each church planter and each pioneer church to establish the believers. This is a critical element in providing continuous care and encouragement to the isolated church planter, particularly during times of intense persecution. In addition, this visit allows the new converts to be encouraged and receive teachings from the Word of God by the visiting leaders. This is critical in establishing pioneer churches.

Motor CycleRs. 50,000 each

A four wheeled vehicle is an important tool to help spread and establish the Gospel. It enables the team to carry the film projector, gospel tracts, Bibles, public address system, and generator along with the evangelists; while a sheet tied to the jeep enables the screening of the Jesus film. They travel from village to village in it, and the jeep becomes their home. A jeep is also used to visit planted churches, an important task to establish pioneer churches in faith.

A jeep will travel to at least 1200 villages every year, covering approximately 100,000 miles through jungles, mountains, valleys, fields and roads of wildly varying quality! On occasion the jeep is used as a make shift ambulance when there has been an attack on the evangelists. The same jeep may be used to carry relief supplies during a natural disaster. It is a critical tool, one that provides the greatest practical use with eternal results. It will last for anywhere from 7-9 years. We will send you the picture of the purchased vehicle and a report from the missionary leader it will be assigned to.

JeepRs. 7,50,000 each

Most Indian villages have no electricity. A Kerosene lantern (Rs.900/-) enables a missionary to walk from village to village at night and to conduct Bible studies and prayer meetings in the evening.

This is also an extremely useful tool to conduct Bible studies and prayer meetings in the evening, the time when villagers gather after the days work in the field or hunting.

Petromax Lantern Rs. 900 each

Temperatures in summer in India reach 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) regularly. The need for fans is essential!

Ceiling/Pedestal FanRs. 1,500 each