Financial Support

There are opportunities to financially assist in the construction of a church building in one of India’s villages. Such a simple building provides stability, respectability, and opportunity for growth in the entire region under the influence of this church. It also provides opportunity for the growing fellowships in surrounding villages to hold special events, like weddings and Christmas celebrations. The building ends up being a combination of a worship place for the local church and a training center for pastors in that entire region. The effect of such an investment lasts for several generations.

Cost of LAND (Average) 50 ft x 70 ft5, 00,000
Tin roofed prayer hall with
mud wall and mud flooring
20 ft X 25 ft50,000Up to 50 people
Asbestos sheet-roofed prayer hall
with brick walls and column
20 ft X 35 ft1,75,00050-70 people
Permanent prayer hall 25 ft X 50 ft5,00,00080-150 people
Town and city church25 ft X 50 ftup to 7,00,000 80-150 people

South East Asia has the largest number of un-reached people groups on the planet earth. Hundreds of people groups still have not heard about the Savior and tens of thousands of villages & towns are still without a Christian witness. In these lands the harvest is truly plenteous but “laborers are few.”

How will they hear, unless someone goes? How will someone go, unless we send? How will we send someone to be effective, unless they are trained?

It is critical to establish bible schools that will continuously raise up church planters and church planting leaders to reach the unreached. IET has several regional Bible schools, named the Beersheba Bible Institutes, which train church planters within their unique regional language. Each school offers training to a unique unreached region and language group.

Theological Education for a Bible
college student, in English
Rs. 1,500 per month (Rs. 18,000 for one year)
Ministry Training for a Bible
school student, in regional language
Rs. 1,000 per month (Rs. 12,000 for one year)

As new mission regions are opened, the need comes to construct a Bible school in the area. This makes it easier to teach and give the trainees practical experience within their own language and cultural area.

Cost of LAND (Average) Rs. 10, 00,000 Area of land = 1/4 an acre
or more (depending on the area)
Construction cost of
a building
Rs. 30, 00,000
Area of the building = Space for accommodating for 24 students, kitchen, dining hall, living quarters for one teacher

There are many abandoned children in India who are each precious for themselves in God’s sight. As IET continues to take in children, the need to construct more suitable buildings also rises.

Cost of LAND (Average) Rs. 10, 00,000 Area of land = 1/4 an acre
or more (depending on the area)
Construction cost of
a building

Rs. 45, 00,000
Area of the building = Space for accommodating 50 children, kitchen, and dining hall