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28 June 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Naresh

The burn marks on the arms and legs of the child begging along the street made the evangelist stop. The IET evangelist sat down and asked, “What is your name?” No one had ever stopped to ask his name. After all, he was a filthy beggar, meant to be avoided by all. Eventually, the surprised child replied shyly, “Naresh.”

Naresh’s father died when he was 1 ½ years old. His mother’s family got her re-married, to escape the burden of taking care of her and the child. Life became like hell on earth for Naresh soon after that.

Naresh’s step-father turned him into a beggar. Naresh was made to wander the streets, bus station, and the market in torn clothes. He was not given enough to eat. After all, who would take pity on a well-fed child? Naresh dreaded going home if his daily collection from begging was any less than the expected quota.

If Naresh missed his expected collection by even 25 paise (0.006 cents), his step-father would flog him till Naresh would faint. He would then take out his anger on Naresh’s mother, who would be beaten and kicked mercilessly. She soon died, her weak body unable to survive the severe physical violence combined with poverty.

The step-father now increased the intensity of his violence. Along with severe beating, he began to strike Naresh with hot iron objects and burn him with cigarette stubs. It was these burns that made the IET evangelist sit down and talk to Naresh.

Naresh was rescued and taken to one of IET’s orphanages, in M.P., India. Here he is provided with good education, room, board, and above all with abundant love. Not long after arriving here, Naresh decided to follow Jesus. The hope filled Naresh says, “I want to be a missionary doctor when I grow up, to heal bodies and hearts.” After all, he knows something about Jesus healing broken hearts.

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