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28 June 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Manoj

Manoj belonged to the Santhal tribe, some of which had migrated to the Northeastern Indian state of Assam decades ago. The Bodo tribe, native to Assam, was not happy with the growing Santhali “occupying their Bodo land.” Hundreds of Santhalis had fallen to the swords and guns of the Bodo terrorists.

When Manoj was an infant, his father disappeared. People suspected that he may have been killed by the Bodo. Manoj hated them. Then his mother died when he was just a few years old. Manoj blamed himself for these tragedies.

No one had ever seen Manoj smile. How could he? He grew up with the pain of being an orphan and living in daily fear of Bodo terrorist attacks. Manoj had no reason to smile.

Today there is a smile on Manoj’s face! He lives and is cared for in IET’s Children’s Home in Siliguri, West Bengal. Manoj says, “I have love and care. More than that, I know the security of a heavenly Father. What more do I need?”

Manoj Murmu is just one of the several hundreds from India, Nepal and Bhutan who have found security and God’s love in one of our 5 children’s home. In fact, one of Manoj’s closes friend is Sanjay, a Bodo. These two, children of tribes at war, live, play and pray together in the security of their Father’s love.

We have a chance to let these children dream. We have a chance to change the lives of these children. We have a chance to be Christ’s hands picking up these children without a true life and giving them life, and life abundantly.

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